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Handbook for Graduate Students and Their Advisors

The Handbook for Graduate Students and Their Advisors provides a brief but important summary of the rules and requirements of the graduate College for all graduate-degree programs at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. It describes the privileges and responsibilities of graduate students and some of the services the University provides. This handbook is mailed to all new graduate students after the tenth day of instruction in their first term of enrollment.

UIUC Graduate Programs

Periodically, the Graduate College publishes a book of Graduate Programs. It describes graduate education at UI-UC in more detail. It covers Graduate College requirements; graduate research and instructional resources; cultural, recreational, housing and health resources and services; and describes programs of study in all departments that grant graduate degrees. Each new graduate student may receive a free copy of this handbook from the Graduate College on presenting a validated notice of admission during their first term of enrollment.

Code on Campus Affairs and Handbook of Policies and Regulations Applying to Students

The Code on Campus Affairs contains University policies on individual rights, affirmative action, harassment, and other regulations governing the classroom, campus life and the use of university facilities. It is published annually in the fall and is available free of charge from the Office of Admissions and Records, Window 25, 100 Henry Turner Administration Building.