Eunmi Mun

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Assistant Professor of Sociology

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Specializations / Research Interest(s)

  • gender and organizations, law and organizations, work-family policies, labor market institutions, work and employment in East Asia

Research Description

  • As an organizational and economic sociologist with a focus on gender inequality, she investigates how gender inequality is generated and reproduced in work organizations and offers courses to help students learn about the contemporary world of work. Also,based on her research expertise in Asia, she teaches about Asian economies and societies.


  • Ph.D., Harvard University, 2011


  • Comparative Employment Relations
  • Economy, Society, and Change in East Asia
  • Gender and Work
  • Organizations and Inequality

LLS Titles & Affiliations

  • School of Labor and Employment


Journal Articles

  • Mun, Eunmi, and Jiwook Jung. "Change above the Glass Ceiling: Corporate Social Responsibility and Gender Diversity in Japanese Firms." Administrative Science Quarterly (2017):
  • Jung, Jiwook, and Eunmi Mun. "Does Diffusion Make an Institutionally-Contested Practice Legitimate? Shareholder Responses to Downsizing in Japan, 1973-2005." Organization Studies. (2017):
  • Mun, Eunmi, and Mary C. Brinton. "Revisiting the Welfare State Paradox: A Firm- Level Analysis from Japan." Research in Social Stratification and Mobility. 47 (2017): 33-43.
  • Mun, Eunmi. "Negative Compliance as an Organizational Response to Legal Pressures: The Case of Japanese Equal Employment Opportunity Law." Social Forces 94.4 (2016): 1409-37.
  • Jung, Jiwook, and Eunmi Mun. "Bending but Not Breaking?: Foreign Investor Pressure and Dividend Payouts by Japanese Firms." Sociological Forum 31.3 (2016): 663-684.
  • Brinton, Mary C., and Eunmi Mun. "Between State and Family: Managers’ Implementation and Evaluation of Parental Leave Policies in Japan." Socio-Economic Review 14.2 (2016): 257-81.
  • Mun, Eunmi, and Mary C. Brinton. "Workplace Matters: The Use of Parental Leave Policies in Japan." Work and Occupations 42.3 (2015): 335-369.
  • Mun, Eunmi. "Sex Typing of Jobs in Hiring: Evidence from Japan." Social Forces 88.5 (2010): 1999-2026.