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Teaching Assistant of Sociology

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Gehui Zhang is currently a Ph.D candidate in Sociology at theUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  She earned her M.A. degree in Sociology at Georgia State University in 2005, with the particular concentration on aging and life course studies.  Her current academic interests include consumption and consumer society, commodification of parenting and childhood, globalization and modernity. Gehui's dissertation research concerns the transformation of parenting ideologies and the discourse of the modern child in contemporary China as well as their interactions with the development of China's market economy and urban consumer culture. 

Specializations / Research Interest(s)

  • Consumption and Consumer Culture; Globalization and Modernity; Global Childhood; Aging and Family


  • M.A. Georgia State University, GA
  • B.L. Southwestern University of Political Science and Law, China

Distinctions / Awards

  • P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship, 2005-2007.


  • Introduction to Sociology, Social Problems, Social Organizations



  • New Immigrants, New Christians: Mainland Chinese Elders in American Churches. . Comp. Gehui Zhang. VDM, 2008.

Book Contributions

  • Liao, Tim F., Gehui Zhang, and Libin Zhang. "The Changing Fate of the National Anthem of China." Northeast Asia’s Difficult Past: Studies in Collective Memory. . Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.

Journal Articles

  • Zhan, Heying J., Baozhen Luo, and Gehui Zhang. "Faith and Health: Meanings of Faith for Chinese Elders with Diverse Religious Backgrounds." Aging International (2013):
  • Liao, Tim, Gehui Zhang, and Libin Zhang. "Social Foundations of National Anthems: Theorizing for a Better Understanding of the Changing fate of the National Anthem of China." Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour (2011):
  • Zhang, Gehui, and Heying J. Zhan. "Beyond the Bible and the Cross: Intersectional Analysis of Aging, Immigration, and Gender in Chinese Elders' Participation in Christian Congregations in the United States." Sociological Spectrum 29.2 (2009):
  • Zhan, Heying J., Sharon King, Jungha Kim, Gehui Zhang, and Frank Whittington. "Double-Bind: Aging as an Ethnic Minority in the U.S. Chinese and Korean American Elders’ Experience." International Journal of Aging 6.November (2004):


  • Zhang, Gehui . New Business, New Babies: a Sociological Analysis of Consuming Early Childhood Development Service in China. . Advances in Consumer Research . Association for Consumer Research, 2010.