Monica McDermott

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Director of Graduate Studies, Associate Professor of Sociology

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Monica McDermott's research focuses upon the ways in which race and class interact in the contemporary United States. She uses a variety of methodologies to analyze race/class interactions, ranging from participant observation to statistical analyses of secondary survey data and census data.

Specializations / Research Interest(s)

  • Race and ethnicity, qualitative methods, urban sociology, immigration, inequality, public opinion


  • 2001 Ph.D. Harvard University, Sociology; 1993 B.A. Villanova University, History and Sociology



  • Working-Class White: The Making and Unmaking of Race Relations. . Berkeley: University of California Press, 2006.

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Book Contributions

  • McDermott, Monica. "The Importance of Demographic and Social Contexts in Determining Political Outcomes." Immigrant Political Incorporation. . Ed. Michael Jones-Correa, Jennifer Hochschild, Claudine Gay, and Jacqueline Chattopadhyay. Oxford University Press, 2013.

  • "Black Attitudes towards Hispanic Immigrants in South Carolina." Just Neighbors? Research on African American and Latino Relations in the United States. . Ed. Edward Telles and Mark Sawyer. New York: Russell Sage Foundation, 2011.

  • "Ways of Being White." Doing Race: 21 Essays for the 21st Century. . Ed. Hazel Markus and Paula Moya. New York: Norton, 2010.

Journal Articles

  • McDermott, Monica. "Terminal Identities: The Racial Classification of Immigrants in Early 20th-Century Death Records." Sociology of Race and Ethnicity (2018):
  • Hopkins, Daniel J., Jonathan Mummalo, Victoria Esses, Cheryl R. Kaiser, and Helen B. Marrow. "Out of Context: The Absence of Spatial Variation in U.S. Immigrants' Perceptions of Discrimination." Politics, Groups, and Identities (2016):
  • McDermott, Monica. "Color-Blind and Color-Visible Identities Among American Whites." American Behavioral Scientist (2015):
  • "Racial Attitudes in City, Neighborhood, and Situational Contexts." The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 634 (2011): 153-173.
  • Small, Mario, and Monica McDermott. "The Presence of Organizational Resources in Poor Urban Neighborhoods: An Analysis of Average and Contextual Effects." Social Forces 84 (2006): 1697-1724.
  • McDermott, Monica, and Frank L. Samson. "White Racial and Ethnic Identity in the United States." Annual Review of Sociology 31 (2005): 245-261.