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What is Sociology?

Sociology is the scientific study of social groups, organizations, and social change. Large-scale societal change begins with individuals like you — hungry for knowledge and ready to make a real difference. Laying a strong educational foundation will equip you to approach society's global challenges with a competitive edge.

Sociology offers a distinctive set of conceptual tools to help you understand the complexity of the social world. These tools are useful for solving problems, resolving puzzles and understanding social life. Mastering these concepts will help you develop valuable skills that help navigate a competitive job market.

  • Critically examine societal issues
  • Develop analytical thinking
  • Interpret crucial sociological concepts including how people's experiences differ by race, class, gender, and age
  • Become an effective communicator
  • Apply your own research methods and examine methodology and ethical issues in research
  • Evaluate social institutions and their impact

Alumni Spotlight

Sociology Alumni working in a variety of fields visited the SOC 199: "Exploring Careers with a BA in Sociology" course and were asked to reflect on their career paths and how an education in Sociology helped them get there. Hear what they had to say about how Sociology prepared them for their careers in business, law, advertising, social work, human resources and more...

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