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Highest GPA for a Sociology Senior

This award acknowledges the Senior in Sociology who has attained the Highest Overall Grade Point Average. 

2014 Winner: Lindsay Miner

Student Engagement Award

The Student Engagement Award highlights a student in Sociology who has been active in the University of Illinois and/or Champaign-Urbana community.  This student stands out for their activism and leadership within the community. 

2014 Winner: Rena Pulfer

Outstanding Senior in Sociology

This award is given to a senior who demonstrates involvement with the community, leadership achievements, academic success, and a dedication to sociology.

2014 Winner: Jacob Astin

Best Undergraduate Student Paper Award

The Best Undergraduate Student Paper Award recognizes outstanding achievement in a Sociology student’s research and writing abilities.  Students may nominate themselves, or they may be nominated by the faculty. 

2014 Winner: Sarah Olles

Nominated by Margaret Kelley: "The Motivations for the Consumption of the National Football League Games and the Pink Ribbon Campaign"