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Sociology 400 is the Sociology Department's internship course. If a student finds an opportunity to participate in an internship program off-campus, the student and a faculty member can develop a program of study and research related to the internship. The student can then receive academic credit for participating in the internship. Permission to enroll in this course will depend on the professor and the student formally agreeing on course requirements and grading strategy. Enrollment in Sociology 400 is restricted to juniors and seniors with a 3.0 GPA. Consult a departmental advisor for details.

Independent Study

Some students are interested in special topics in sociology for which no course is currently taught. One way to focus on a special topic is to take an independent study. To take an independent study, you must make arrangements with a professor who will supervise and grade your work for the semester. A good way to do this is to put together a brief proposal, and then stop by a professor's office hours. If you have an idea for a project, but don't know who would be a good professor to work with, stop in and talk to the advisors. The two independent study courses are SOC 390, Individual Study, and SOC 490, Honors Individual Study. To qualify for SOC 490, you must be eligible for graduation with departmental distinction. Once a professor agrees to supervise you, you will be given his or her CRN so that you can enroll on Enterprise.

Study Abroad

Students are strongly encouraged to take a semester to study abroad. Sociology students who take a semester to study somewhere else come back and report that it was a great experience. Visiting another country will enable the student to experience a different environment and culture which will give new meaning and context to academic study at the University. There are several study abroad programs. The main Study Abroad office is located in 115 International Studies Building. The phone is 333-6322.