Major Requirements Effective Fall 2017

Section 1

Required Courses

Sociology 100 - Introduction to Sociology

  • An overview of the topics of sociology and of various sociological perspectives, and of how scholars in the discipline study social phenomena.

Sociology 280 - Introduction to Social Statistics

  • An introduction to the statistical measures and techniques used in the social sciences.
  • This course is a prerequisite for Sociology 380.
  • Other courses that meet this requirement:
    • STAT 100, PSYCH 235, ECON 172, ECON 202, EDPSY290, MATH 161, and UP116.
    • Also Parkland College's MATH 108 and MATH 160. Note that these courses meet the statistics requirement but do not count toward sociology hours.

Sociology 200 - Introduction to Sociological Theory

  • Classical theories by Marx, Weber, and Durkheim, as well as theories by contemporary writers.

Sociology 380 - Social Science Research Methods

  • An introduction and comparison of survey research, field research, and demographic methods.

Capstone Experience (choose one from the list below)

  • Each of these courses provides students with a comprehensive experience that helps prepare students for graduation and beyond
    • Sociology 495 – Senior Honors Seminar (Topics Vary)
    • Sociology 400 – Internships (3 hours required)
    • Sociology 450 – Sociology Capstone

12 Hours of Advanced Hours

You are required to take 12 hours of advanced hours in Sociology.

32 Total Hours in Sociology required minimum

Students must earn a total of 32 hours of credit in sociology. In order for transfer credit to count, it must be accepted by LAS as Sociology coursework. If students take courses in other departments, they will not count as sociology hours unless they are cross listed courses. For example if a student takes an alternate statistics course, such as STAT 100, they will have fulfilled the course requirement, but will not earn sociology hours. Similarly, PSYCH 201 (Social Psychology) is NOT cross-listed with Sociology so students will not receive sociology hours for the course, just standard LAS elective credit.

Minimum 2.0 GPA in Major and Overall

In order to graduate, your GPA (including transfer work) in the major must be a 2.0 or above, and your overall GPA must be 2.0 or above.

Other Student Responsibilities

Major Plan of Study

All students in LAS are required to complete a major plan of study before graduation. This is a form that lays out the courses that you will complete for graduation in Sociology. Completing this form takes about 20 minutes, andshould be done by the second semester of your junior year. You will not be allowed to graduate without having completed this form. If you need to complete the form, make an appointment with the Sociology advisor using the appointment calendar.

Meeting Graduation Requirements

As a Sociology major, you are responsible for reading and understanding all graduation requirements at the departmental, college and university levels and making sure that they are met. Advisors can assist you, and there are some notification systems in place if you are not making satisfactory progress, but ultimately whether you graduate on time is up to you. There are several key documents which you should read carefully. The following lists these documents and where you can get them if you don't already have them:

    • UIUC Programs of Study
    • Available at Illini Union Bookstore
    • LAS Student Handbook
    • Available at LAS student offices (2002 Lincoln Hall)
    • Undergraduate Sociology Handbook
    • Available at 3070 Lincoln Hall.

If you have questions, stop in to see the advisor.

Supporting Coursework

Every Sociology major must complete 12 hours of supporting coursework. Supporting coursework consists of a set of courses which are logically grouped, and which reflect, or support a student's interests outside of the Sociology Department. Students should begin planning and completing their supporting coursework no later than their sophomore year.
The following courses cannot be used for supporting coursework:

  • Sociology department courses
  • Courses cross-listed in Sociology
  • Applied art courses, such as courses on a musical instrument
  • Courses that satisfy the foreign language requirement

Youmustsee a Sociology advisor early in your junior year for formal approval of your supporting coursework on your Major Plan of Study form. There are generally five ways to plan a cohesive set of supporting courses:

  1. Take 12 hours of courses in one department
    Sociology majors often take their supporting coursework in the departments such as Anthropology, Psychology, Political Science, Community Health, Business Administration, Communication, and Human Development and Family Studies.
  2. Assemble a cohesive package of 12 hours of coursework
    Many students take courses which are in different departments, but are related. For example, pre-law students might take law related courses in Political Science, Business Administration and History.
  3. Use courses taken towards a minor
    If you complete a minor in another department, you may use the courses you took to complete the minor as supporting coursework, provided they meet the restrictions listed above. Departments that offer formal minors in which you may be interested include Anthropology, Cinema Studies, Classics, Comparative Literature, Computer Science, English, English as a Second Language, French, German, Greek, History, Italian, Latin, Mathematics, Russian & East European Studies, Russian Language and Literature, and Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Consult the latest edition ofUndergraduate Programsfor information about other departments offering minors. You must talk to an advisor in your minor department and you must formally notify LAS by the beginning of your last semester about your intentions to graduate with a minor.
  4. Uses courses taken towards an interdisciplinary minor
    Interdisciplinary minors include courses spread across several departments. Five examples of interdisciplinary minors are:
    • African Studies
    • Afro-American Studies
    • Latin American Studies
    • Gender and Women's Studies

If you are interested in taking an interdisciplinary minor, ask an advisor for more information.

  1. Use courses taken towards the completion of a double major
    If you are double-majoring, you may use courses taken to complete the double major for your supporting coursework provided they do not fall under the restrictions listed above. Students often double-major in Sociology and another social science such as Psychology or Political Science.

Unofficial Checklist for Majors

Please contact the departmental advisor to obtain an unofficial checklist.